The Hill City Arts Council finds it essential to support artistic endeavors in our school’s local classrooms. We do this in various ways, including:

Arts in education is important to our mission.  Creative schooling from K-12 assists students in thinking better, testing better, being more successful in college, and winning more powerful and interesting jobs. The arts help students—all students, even “non-art students”—to be smarter, more creative thinkers


Congratulations to Madison Bussetti and Courtney Welu, Hill City High School Class of 2016.  They received the Hill City Arts Council annual scholarships for their pursuit of arts-related studies beyond high school.  

  • Providing funding for class materials, like clay for sculpting or costumes for a play.
  • Collaborating with the school Booster Club on HCAC programs; for example, the Booster Club often provides concessions during intermissions for HCAC concerts.
  • Creating the Alice Smith Memorial Scholarship, for which high school seniors apply each year.