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About Us



A community that embraces the arts, culture, and the humanities.


To nurture and support the arts and humanities in our community.
501 (c) (3) Organization


Because we value the benefits of art, culture, and the humanities in the overall quality of life, and in collaboration with our statewide arts organizations, the HCAC Board of Directors:

  • Believe that the arts and humanities are more than creative outlets for individuals; they express the lifeblood of our human experience, provide context for our collective experience, and form the foundation of history’s permanent record.

  • Educate the public about the benefits of the Creative Economy, and how arts-related programming contributes to not only the quality of life, but also the foundational economic base.

  • Support the inclusion of aesthetic elements in streetscapes, the city center, pedestrian thoroughfares, and other physical community aspects, so as to contribute to quality of life in the community.

  • Encourage artists through supporting their ability to work, and assisting in their exposure to the public.

  • Assure that arts education is available to all students, so as to assist South Dakota youth to think more creatively, test better, and quality for the most fulfilling employment opportunities, as per national statistics regarding art education.

  • Encourage the inclusion of art in public buildings, which inspires the public and connects various aspects of the community.

2024Contributions to our Community

  • Hill City Economic Development Corporation - membership, $75

  • Hill City Senior Organization - membership, $50

  • Hill City Advertising

  • South Dakota State Railroad Museum - in memory of Bob Warder, $100

  • Arts South Dakota, Sponsor a Legislator (Dennis Krull) to attend the Governor's Awards In The Arts, $40

  • Delta Dental, dental work for school children $200

  • Hill City Community Center

  • Crazy Horse Memorial Foundation

  • Steve Thorp Award

  • Tree, Trains, Christmas Trees at the Railroad Museum

  • Evergreen Garden Club

  • South Dakota Arts membership

  • Black Hill Quilt Guild

  • Heart of the Hills Quilt Guild

  • Live on Stage: Charities that benefited by providing food for the event. Hill City High School Prom and Hill City Young Life

  • High School Senior Scholarships -$2,500 donated in 2022-2023-2024

  • Kids crafts-sculpting and leather work at the Fine Arts in the Hills

  • Kids crafts-quilt design, coloring and wool needle felting for kids at the Hill City Quilt Show

  • Donations to the art teacher to provide supplies for the students

  • Donation to the Missoula Children's Theatre where 100 of our local students get to participate and perform on stage.

  • Co-sponsor of the Pie Social benefiting the Hill City High School Arts Program and the Hill City Ambulance; Provide all of the paper products.  

  • Membership to South Dakota Public Broadcasting.

  • Lighthouse Assembly for School Supplies and backpacks $100

  • $500 to the Masons to support the Wine Brew and BBQ

  • Pledged $4,500 to the Heart of the Hills Quilt Guild for the 2024 Quilt Show. Also donated $2,000 worth of street banners for Main Street signage.

  • The Art Club Project for the Hill City School- vinyl cutter-$200

  • LIve on Stage organizations that benefit from serving meals at Live On Stage: The prom committee, The Little White Church, The Wrestling Club, Young Life, Community Lutheran Church

  • Hanging flower baskets to benefit the Ambulance Building Fund


President: Kristie Van Bogart
Vice President: JoAnn Hoffman
Secretary: Emily Rowe

Treasurer: Charlotte Cushman

Coordinators: Twila Morris and Jenn Pitt

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