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Black Hills Plein Air Paint Out
5th Annual
September 22-24, 2022



Plein Air painting dates back to the French impressionists who left their studios to paint “in the open air.”
“Plein Air painting is exhilarating and challenging for artists who attempt to quickly capture the light and colors of the scene before them.  
The French term "plein air" means out of doors and refers to the practice of painting entire finished pictures out of doors rather than in a studio.
Please email me if you would like to be put on our artists mailing list.
JoAnn Hoffman

August 1st deadline for applications.
Refund policy:

By Aug.22—full refund

By Aug. 29–$50

By September 5—$25

After September 5—no refund

2022 Judge - Carl Judson
Painter and owner of Judson Art Outfitters

Auctioneer: Adam Karrels

Ranch Manager, NW Ranches, real estate agent

2023 Applications coming soon!

2022 Schedule of Plein Air Events

Thursday, September 22

9:00-3:00 - Artist Check in at ArtForms Gallery-Check in homework, stamp canvases for both Thursday and Friday. Homework displayed at Grace Gallery.

9:00-4:30 - Plein Air Painting-Best of Day
5:00 pm - Check in paintings at ArtForms
6:00-8:00 - Artists Meet and Greet-Directions in your gift bag and in your name tags
F00d and drinks-don't eat dinner
Talk by Carl Judson - Best of Day awarded


Friday, September 23
9:00-11:00 - Artist Check in at
ArtForms Gallery-stamp canvases if needed
9:00-2:30 - Plein Air Painting
By 3:00 - Turn in your artwork at Jon Crane Gallery
3:00 - Doors will be closed to artists
3:00-5:30 - Wet Sale judging
5:30-6:30 - Sponsor and Artists Reception (invitations only) People's Choice and Artist's Choice                                voting. Your artist voting ticket is in your badge pocket-Food and Drinks

6:45-Wet sale judging

7:00-Voting ends 
7:30-Awards Ceremony
6:30-8:00 - Sponsor and Artists Reception-Open to public - 
All art will be for sale Friday evening

Saturday, September 24
8:00-9:00 - Surfaces stamped for Quick Draw
9:30-11:30 - Quick Draw competition painting
12 noon - Submit Quick Draw- Old World Plaza
12:00-12:30 Judging
12:45 - Best Quick Draw Award
1:00 - Live Auction at Old World Plaza-Auctioneer and public bidding
All are invited to attend and bid! Open to public.
3:00 - Artists check out


2022 List of Artists
Brislawn, Mack
Boylan, Mary
Brookens, Carol

Brown, Charlene

Ciavarella, Lindsay
Curtin, Marie

Ellingson, Rodger

Fleming, Charlene

Giere, Nancy

Hansen, Corinne

Leeknecht, Tommie

Luther, Blake

Nelson, Nancy
Nelson, Melissa
Ovitt, Margaret

Parker, Jennifer

Sommer, Cheryl LeClair

Randall, Stephen

Sterner, John

Tesnow, Jill
Van Norman, Kelli


2022 Winners

Best of Show:  Nancy Giere, "Mickelson Trail Access"


Honorable Mention:  Jill Tesnow, "On Battle Creek"


Best Downtown Hill City:  Stephen Randall, "Alpine Inn"


Thursday Best of Day:  Blake Luther, "Trestle Near Mystic"


Friday Best of Day:  Margaret Ovitt, "Up High"


Best Quick Draw:  Blake Luther, "Turtle Granite"


Artist's Choice:  Carol Brookens, "Been Here Long"


People's Choice:  Cheryl Le Clair Sommer, "Lofty Peak"

Great Places to paint in the Hills
Map of the Black Hills