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24th Annual
Hill City Quilt & Fiber Arts Show & Sale

September 9-10, 2023


Hill City High School-400 Main Street
Quilt & Fiber Arts entry forms and vendor application are now available.
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Quilting is Art!

The Hill City Arts Council is proud to bring this long-standing showcase of quilts and fiber artists to our community.
The Hill City Quilt Show & Sale offers a dinner and quilt trunk show, bed turning, prizes, demonstrations, vendor mall, youth arts activity and more than 300 unique quilts and fiber arts will be on display.
See the expanded outdoor display of quilts on Main Street and don’t forget to bring your camera!

The Quilt Show celebrates this popular art form while providing a venue for area quilters to connect.

Join us September 9 & 10 from 9 am – 4 pm daily for this two-day celebration of the art of quilting.
Admission is $5 at the door for adults. Kids ages 18 & under get in free. 


DINNER AND TRUNK SHOW: Heart of the Hills Quilters presents The Dinner and Quilt Trunk Show on Saturday, September 9th at 5:00 pm at the Little White Church on Main Street. Dinner provided by Xi Alpha Chi.
The featured quilt artists
will be announced. Other quilt artists will show their quilts with an old fashion bed turning. You are invited to bring a special quilt to share. It will be placed on a bed and you will be able to tell it's story. Write your info on an index card that you can read to the audience. For those that aren’t familiar with the term “bed turning”, they are the precursor to our modern “quilt show and tell” programs at quilt guild meetings. Back in those days, women did not have many occasions to get together socially, and when they did it was usually at someone’s home. They would each bring a quilt to share, and since space was limited, they would lay them all out on a bed, stacked one on top of the other. Each woman would take a turn with her quilt which would be held up for everyone to see. Then she would tell the story of her quilt.

BED TURNING: If you would like to bring one quilt to share for the bed turning, please write all your information down on an index card to read.
Maker, date and story behind quilt. 



Fiber art is the creation of works of art using a combination of matter made out of natural or synthetic material. Fibers can consist of cotton, linen, yarn, felt, hemp, string, ribbon, wool, silk, acrylic, rayon, and so many more. As with any other art form, the artist's imagination is the only restriction to what can be made.

The Hill City Arts Council celebrates all types of fiber arts and artists! 

So, in 2019 we added a new category to the Quilt Show to showcase fiber art that does not necessarily consist of quilting's three layers.  Fiber arts is a style of art that uses textiles such as fabric and yarn to create works of art that go beyond the literal meaning of the components.  The artwork may be functional or decorative and two or three dimensional. 

Show us your felting, weavings, crochet, knitting, embroidery, braiding, lacemaking, basketry, rug making, book art, needle point, mixed media, macrame, cross stitching.  We have been celebrating the art of quilts and quilters for over 20 years and we look forward to supporting more artists within our community through the expanded Quilt Show and Fiber Arts.

If you are a fiber artist interested in entering the quilt show, please download the Fiber Arts category form and Fiber Arts entry forms.

VENDOR: If you are a vendor and would like to participate in our vendor mall please download the vendor application and mail it to the HCAC office.

The 2023 Hill City Quilt Show is brought to you through a partnership with the Hill City Quilt Show Committee, Heart of the Hills Quilters and Hill City Arts Council.

For more info, contact the Hill City Arts Council at 605-574-2810 or

Quilt block in logo:  Coastal Lily block designed by Minick & Simpson

2023 Quilt Show & Sale

Sept 9-10, 2023
Hill City High School Gym
400 Main St, Hill City, SD 57745
9am – 4pm Daily
$5 per adult, FREE for kids 18 & under

Quilt & Fiber Apps


Dinner and Trunk Show

Featured Quilt Artists: 
Badlands Quilters of Wall 

$20.00 Saturday, Sept. 9th - 5:00 pm
An old fashion bed turning will be at the
Little White Church in Hill City on Saturday evening.

Dinner and Trunk Show sponsored by
Heart of the Hills Quilters and Xi Alpha Chi


PILLOWCASE PROJECT: The Pillowcase Project's purpose is to provide pillowcases for the ill, temporarily displaced, and those in need in our community who may enjoy a little uplifting at a difficult time.  Sewists volunteer their time and materials to create the pillowcases which are collected throughout the year and displayed during the Quilt Show.  After the show, they are donated to local organizations including Sleep In Heavenly Peace, foster children, hospice patients, women's shelters, Hill City Purse Project, an Alzheimer's care center, the Alpine Inn's Gifts from the Heart Christmas Tree, and others. Last year, over 200 pillowcases were made, exhibited, and donated within the community.

Anyone is welcome to make a pillowcase. They can give it to a member of the Heart of the Hills Quilters or bring it to the Arts Council office by August 29 to join the colorful array at the show. 

We Need Volunteers!
Greet, sit and collect money from quilt show attendees.
Sit at a table for a two hour shift at one of our two entrances.


Quilt & Fiber Arts Entry Forms
Early Bird deadline for Quilt & Fiber Arts
is August 1 for $250 prize
Quilt & Fiber entry form deadline: 08
People's Choice winner: $500.00

There is only day to drop off your quilts & fiber arts in Hill City!
Friday September 8, from 10:00 -2:00 at the Little
White Church


CLOSED-Quilt Entry Forms 

CLOSED-Fiber Arts Entry Forms 

2023 Featured Quilt Artist

Vi Colombe

The Heart of the Hills Quilters and Hill City Arts Council are proud to have Vi Colombe as our featured artist at this year's Hill City Quilt & Fiber Arts Show & Sale.

Vi Colombe, from Mission, SD, is an enrolled citizen of the Modoc Nation.  Vi was born in Oregon and has lived in numerous places throughout the United States.  When she married, she moved to South Dakota, where she has made her home for over 60 years.  Sewing has always been a skill that she has been actively engaged in, including her early years where she attended design school in San Francisco.  Vi spent a vast amount of her sewing time making clothing for her children when they were young to elaborate outfits for her oldest daughter as she participated in rodeo queen contests.  In 1998 Vi transitioned her sewing endeavors from clothing to quilts and a new passion was formed.  From the original four patch quilt that she made, which was not challenging enough, she transitioned to the Lone Star pattern, also known as a Star Quilt.  The Lone Star is a very intricate design, with points that require precise alignment, and Vi pushed her capabilities by designing quilts that are round. Vi has been featured on PBS, in National Quilters Newsletter and Quiltfolk as well as provided trunk shows, exhibitions, and classes for more than 20 years.

Schedule of Events

Friday, September 8

10:00 -2;00 - One day quilt drop off at the
Little White Church in Hill City

Vendor set up


Saturday, September 9

9:00-4:00 - Doors Open-Vendor Mall Open 
People's Choice voting begins

5;00 - Dinner, Trunk Show and Bed Turning
Little White Church on Main Street


Sunday, September 10

9:00-4:00 - Doors Open-Vendor Mall Open
People's Choice Award Announced

3:30 - Heart of the Hills Quilters raffle winners announced

3:30 - Early Bird Quilt Entry Award announced

5:00 - Quilt Pick Up



2023 Quilt Show Poster


History of the quilt show

This show was started in 1999 when Betty Dahlin and Valerie Begeman came to Lou Schuelke and Sherryl Alexander with the idea to have an outdoor quilt show in Hill City in addition to their Great Black Hills Quilt Escape retreat.  At that time we formed the Heart of the Hills Quilters.


We continued under the name of Great Black Hills Outdoor Quilt Show and Classes through 2002.  During 2002 the quilt show was classed as a featured state event by the South Dakota Board of Tourism and the Governor's Top Ten Events.  This provided a lot of advertising that we did not have to pay for-it was a win-win situation for us.  We hung all of the quilts that were entered outside either at the fronts of the businesses or on teepee poles that we constructed just for this event.  It always looked so beautiful.


In 2003 the Great Black Hills Quilt Escape decided to move their retreat to a space in Lead so we changed the name of our show to Hill City Outdoor Quilt Show and Sale.  The Hill City Area Chamber of Commerce came onboard with the Heart of the Hills Quilters to put on the show in Hill City.  We continued to have classes for a few more years.


In 2004 we were chosen as one of ABA's Top 100 Events in North America so that was a great honor and provided more publicity for our show.


In 2010 we moved the bigger part of our show to the inside at the Hill City School and made a two-day event for the quilt show.  We continued to have some quilts hung outside but the majority was inside.  The wind was always a challenge with the outdoor quilts.


The Hill City Quilt Show continues today to be a very popular event for those who want to display their quilts and those who just want to come enjoy them.

2023 Quilt Show Sponsors